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Welcome to The Brain Stimulation Lab @ HW

The lab is devoted to the study of body representation and disgust processing. 

The Lab has been created in 2015 and is dedicated to conducting research on brain functioning in relation to cognition and resulting behaviours.

While the main topics of the Lab are body representation and emotional processing, the techniques we employ also allow to take a look at other functions, such as multisensory interaction and motor control. Altogether, the final aim is to create new knowledge that can be adapted for the clinical setting, to help assessment of impairments and the planning of rehabilitative paradigms.

Much of the Lab research involves the use of behavioural tasks coupled with brain stimulation techniques such as tDCS. As such a big part of the Lab, members activity is to develop approximate experimental designs to manipulate complex variables in a simple way. 

A list of the Lab ongoing research projects can be found here. (Work in progress)

A list of the Lab members publications can be found here