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Welcome to The Brain Stimulation Lab @ HW

The lab is devoted to the study of body representation and disgust processing. 

The web is a giant and massive source of information. Navigating through it and finding the correct information/ useful information is sometimes challenging.

Here is a list of "must-read" sites and blogs that are terrific if you are learning or practicing research in Psychology, Neuroscience or simply want to challenge your scientific believes. 

The Retraction Watch

So you think that once you have published your paper you have reached your goal? Well, do not be too relaxed. Retractions are scary but not irrealistic in Science, try learn a bit about them through this fantastic website. 

Research the Headlines

How many times you spilled your morning coffee while reading newspaper titles such as "Neuroscientists found Eggnogg area in the Brain!"? Some researchers are trying to save us from these phenomena (not the eggnog, the misleading headlines). 

Jody Culham Lab

No need for a presentation here. The most wonderful resources on fMRI. Yes, I said it. And there is also plenty of advice for young scientists.  

PhDs and Positions in the UK

Interested in pursuing a PhD in the UK? Interested in knowing what a PhD is etc.? Looking for an academic job? Here you can find almost all the positions in the UK and related areas. Good luck!

How to write a paper!

Need some guidance on writing your first paper? Or want to improve even if you have some experience? Check THIS out!