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The Brain Stimulation Lab @ HW

The lab is devoted to study body representation and emotional processing, making use of brain stimulation techniques. Check out how we can electrify your mind!


 DSCN0266You wish this was the location of the Lab. I wish it too. But no: this is one secrect angle of Edinburgh. Free paper review to anyone telling us the location. 


News from the Lab


June 2018

Get ready for the most exciting Body Representation workshop ever!

https://bodyrepresentation.wixsite.com/brnet for all info!



August 2017

The Lab has been a bit busy but here we are again with brilliant news!

We will host a wonderful workshop in Edinburgh next spring/summer (or winter, we are in Scotland...):

"The multi-faceted body: Updates into body representation and embodiment"!
To be held at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, June 2018 - organisers Elisa Ferre, Anna Sedda and Gianna Cocchini.



January 2017

Congratulations to Michela on her new PhD position at Bangor University! 


September 2016

Happy to have joined the vibrant British Neuropsychological Society and looking forward to the October meeting! 


August 2016

Anna Sedda, Francesca Magnani & Mario Parra awarded pilot study grant from Alzheimer Scotland Action on Dementia! We are looking forward to start "Enhancing memory binding abilities across age using tDCS". For results updates keep following us!


Preview of  the Book "Unusual and Rare Psychological Disorders: A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Research" available at: https://www.amazon.com/Unusual-Rare-Psychological-Disorders-Handbook/dp/0190245867/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472301809&sr=8-1&keywords=unusual+and+rare+psychological (Anna chapter contribution  is on BIID)


June 2016

New article in the Conversation!

“New hope for people obsessed with amputating one of their own limbs” (https://theconversation.com/profiles/anna-sedda-268445/articles)


May 2016

Looking forward to challenge body representation theories the 16th of May in Glasgow!



March 2016

Good news! Francesca Magnani won the "Bando di Mobilita'" of the University of Pavia! (http://www.unipv.eu/site/home/ricerca/dottorati-di-ricerca.html) Congrats Francesca!


Another member joined the lab this month: welcome to Elena Gerini, biology student, here to complete her Erasmus trainingship. 


January 2016

New paper accepted: 

"Left Caloric Vestibular Stimulation as a tool to reveal implicit and explicit parameters of body representation."
By Anna Sedda, Diana Tonin; Gerardo Salvato; Martina Gandola; Gabriella Bottini

Soon appearing in Consciousness and Cognition


December 2015

Brand new tDCS on her way to Edinburgh! Let's hope it arrives safe and sound and before Christmas!

We are really excited and looking forward to start electrifying people.