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 Undergraduate Research Student (Erasmus Traineeship) 


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My name is Lukas Kretzschmar, I study Psychology (B.S.c) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mayence, Germany. At the beginning of this year, I successfully completed the 5th semester and during the last six months the idea has grown to leave Mainz for a semester to complete an internship at the Brain Stimulation Laboratory here in Edinburgh. 

For me as a student and hopefully as an upcoming scientist it is a great opportunity to be part of this team for many reasons. First, I am able to gain insight into a foreign Institute, working together with excellent scientists from different parts of the world. Thereby, I have the opportunity to explore modern interdisciplinary fields of research, their methods and I am provided with the unique chance to originate my own research-project. Furthermore, I can practice my English, a basic prerequisite for today‚Äôs students who pursue an academic career. Eventually becoming a Ph.D. is definitely a main goal. 

All in all, I hope this will result in a more flexible thinking about generating research questions and that it will lastly inspire me to conceive new ideas concerning own research issues. 


Email: lukas.kretzschmar@googlemail.com