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The Brain Stimulation Lab @ HW

The lab is devoted to study body representation and emotional processing, making use of brain stimulation techniques. Check out how we can electrify your mind!

Behavioural  Paradigms

These paradigms allow to rpesent stimuli through a computer (Figure 1) and to record participants responses, such as the percentage of correct answers or the response latency. Stimuli can be scenes, faces, bodies, words, anything that your brain can process. The presentation of stimuli coupled with brain stimulation allows to infer which brain areas (or brain networks) are involved in a given function. 

Figure 1  Example of behavioural paradigm
Stimuli  (original dataset here: http://www.beatricedegelder.com/beast.html) presented through a computer, thanks to a dedicated software (OpenSesame: http://osdoc.cogsci.nl/).

Other paradigms available at the Lab include:

 the famous Rubber Hand Illusion (picture coming soon)

the Size Weight Illusion (thanks to the collaboration with Dr Gavin "SWI" Buckingham)